Meet and discuss in informal atmosphere

a debate club to open your mind

The Visionary’s Club is a loosely organised forum of people from different origins and professions mostly living in Lyon, that meet once in a while to exchange their ideas, learn from each other and broaden their view.

interdisciplinary | international | intergenerational

In order to enrich the encounters, we aim to integrate open minds that have made different experiences or think differently. That is why we seek to welcome people that pursued different formations in different countries. A priori, the debates will be held in French and English, but on request, this might be put to a vote.

independent | tolerant | community-driven

The encounters shall not be claimed by a political idea or a particular interest (least of all a financial one). There is not a need to agree on something. Apart from logistical aspects, the club is self-governed by its members. Therefore, the club endorses the principles of transparency and bottom-up decision-making. The encounters are not chaired in the hope that everyone is well-behaved.

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cosy encounters right at your place

There is no office. The encounters are taking place in the apartments proposed by its members or outdoors. While the apartments offer only place for a limited number of participants, Lyon’s Roman open-air theatre has a comfortable size for about 10 000 people. However, we are in favour of small meetings, so that everyone gets the chance to get to known and talk to all other participants.

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private online community platform

To ease the organisation, a next-generation forum is made available to all known members. It is used to share interesting links, propose new topics, gather feed-back, find the next revenue and send invitations. To get access to the private forum, you need to receive an invitation from an existing member or get in contact with us, e.g. per mail. The forum is in fact part of a trial to provide a privacy-aware solution.


Get involved and become part of this project!

Make new Friends

Meet people that share your opinion interests and make new friends!

Share your Ideas

For a vivid discussion, it is important to get everyone involved. Become active and contribute to the discussion. You are a listener and speaker!

Propose your own Events

Get active and propose a topic you find interesting. It doesn’t have to be a debate, we are open for film projections, theatre shows, etc.

Have Fun

Gatherings should not feel like work. It’s our free time and it should be a pleasure.

Speak foreign Languages

If you want so, you can take the gatherings as an occasion to improve your foreign language skills.

Privacy-Aware Forum

No need here for a Facebook, Twitter or Google-Account to participate. We are in favour for decentralisation.

Procedure of Registration

invite-only | marketing buzz

First of all, there is no formal registration as the Visionary’s Club is an informal forum. Member is considered everyone with a forum account to receive invitations and propose encounters.

Get Invited When speaking out own beliefs and ideas, it is important to have a certain degree of trust in the audience. This is accomplished by inviting only existing members that can bring along trusted invitees who will offered an account after the first meeting if they with so.

If you do not know any members, do not hesitate to write a mail or a tweet.

Marketing Buzz

We do not want to convince people to join the project. We want to become discovered. Generally, we refrain from advertising publicly. However, if you like this project, please tell your friends and bring them with you.